Younique Liquid Foundation


It seems that all of the reviews I find online for Younique products are the people selling it.  Which makes sense.  Those people started selling them because they love them.

I thought I’d give Younique Liquid Foundation a try to see how it wears on mature skin.

It actually held up quite well.  I had a few problems but over all it works great.

Watch my video to hear the pros and cons and see pictures of how it wears throughout the day.

Briefly, here is the biggest con and my favorite pro:

Con:  Streaky and takes a long time to blend out.

Pro:  So easy to apply (except for taking a bit to blend.)

My skin looks flawless (except for one tiny part of my skin around my mouth).

This is #notanad.  I bought this product myself.

Watch the video at Mascara to Midnight.

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