Marc Jacobs Omega Lash

I’m on the hunt for the world’s greatest mascara…and I’m bringing you along.

This month I tried out Marc Jacobs Omega Lash.  You’ll want to watch the video to see how it wears during the day and if it comes off easily.

It’s a GREAT mascara.  But it’s not my favorite.  (Now go watch.)

Marc Jacobs Omega Lash mascara can be bought here:
And the Loreal primer here:

The Hunt for the World’s Greatest Mascara

I’m starting a series whereby I find, yes FIND, the world’s greatest mascara.

I dont think that Cover Girl’s Super Sizer is the answer.  But overall it’s not a bad mascara.  I wish it flaked a little less and helped separate the lashes a little better.  But it gives great volume.


Great lengthening

Easy to take off

Non irritating


Not very thickening

Leaves lashes rather clumpy

Gets everywhere

To watch my experience with the application and all day wear, visit my youtube channel.