John Frieda Glaze

Here is my partial review of the John Frieda Glaze.  Go to Mascara to Midnight to watch the entire review.


  • Leaves hair soft
  • Leaves hair shiny
  • Leaves wavy/curly hair with beautiful curls
  • Thickens hair


  • If you have long hair, the glaze will only last through a few applications.

Overall, I really enjoyed the glaze and plan to continue using it.




Pedicures are fun and relaxing.  Join me as I go get a pedicure.

The three questions about pedicures I always get:

  1. I’ve never had a pedicure.  Why would I want one?
  2. I can’t stand people messing with my feet.
  3. Why can’t I just do this myself.

Watch the video on my channel:  Mascara to Midnight

Removing Makeup with Oil

If you’ve wondered how to use a cleansing oil to remove your makeup, look no further.  I have a great tutorial for you that shows you exactly how to do it.

I love my cleansing oil from Tatcha.  It leaves my face feeling so soft and supple.  Not to mention just smelling great.

Go here to watch the video:  Removing Makeup with Oil


Top Ten Favorite Kids’ Books (you’ve never heard of number five)

(Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon.)

1.  Where are My Books?

 A little boy keeps losing his books.  You’ll never guess who has them.


2.  Seven Silly Eaters

Do you ever think you’re running a restaurant at meal times?  This poor mom…


3.  Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

You absolutely can’t go wrong with Mo Willems and the pigeon.  This pigeon!  He’s always looking for trouble.  Can your kids keep him from talking them into driving the bus?


4.  Usborne Shine a Light on The Human Body

There are several books in the series and seeing IS believing.  You read the page and shine a light through the back…pictures show through.  It’s quite fun and amazing for all ages. Our favorite is the body book.  My kids loved learning about how their bodies worked. My “dealer”:  Kayla’s Book Nook


5.  The Day the Babies Crawled Away

This book is so amazing.  If you have a soft hearted son who looks after little ones in a gentle way, you won’t be able to help but see him as the main character.  The words rhyme, the pictures are unique and the adventure is fun.  Perhaps my most favorite children’s book.


6.  Silly Milly

I wish like anything more of these books would be released.  As it stands there are two.  Two wonderfully, cute books about a silly teacher who does strange and funny things.  At the end you get to guess a riddle.


7.  Press Here

Interactive book (and it’s sequel) of wildly fun adventures within the book, for the reader.  Very engaging, even for adults.


8.  The Book with No Pictures

You know the guy from The Office, BJ Novax?  He’s a surprisingly good writer.  And it has no pictures.  He somehow pulls that off.


9.  Dr DeSoto

Get ready to be on the edge of your seat as a mouse treats a really big fox at his dental office.  What is going to happen?  We were worried the whole time.

10.  Father Christmas Needs a Wee

Poor Father Christmas has been eating and drinking all night long.  It’s a long flight back home.  Will he make it in time?  This book is best read with an English accent.  Be as silly as you can and your kids will be roaring!




Weight Loss Tips

It’s the time of year when we all start thinking about losing all the weight we gained over Christmas.

I’ve lost 40 lbs using Trim Healthy Mama.

It’s actually been pretty easy to stay on plan because the food is delicious.  Not to say I never eat off plan…I certainly do…but I enjoy the “diet” food.  It doesn’t seem like diet food at all, in fact.

To hear more about how I did it, and to pick up a few weight loss tips, visit my blog:

Weight Loss Tips


The Hunt for the World’s Greatest Mascara

I’m starting a series whereby I find, yes FIND, the world’s greatest mascara.

I dont think that Cover Girl’s Super Sizer is the answer.  But overall it’s not a bad mascara.  I wish it flaked a little less and helped separate the lashes a little better.  But it gives great volume.


Great lengthening

Easy to take off

Non irritating


Not very thickening

Leaves lashes rather clumpy

Gets everywhere

To watch my experience with the application and all day wear, visit my youtube channel.