Does Castor Oil Really Work for Eyebrows?

I’ve heard people talking about using castor oil to grow their lashes but I have to admit to being a skeptic.  I had to put the castor oil to the test to see if it was true.

I started with a clean slate:  shaved eyebrows.

From day one, I applied castor oil on only one eyebrow.  It took about three weeks to notice a difference, but notice I did.

Pretty soon it became obvious that the castor oil did in fact work to grow my eyebrows back.

Here’s the video with lots and lots of pictures so you can see for yourself.

Shopback joins Taobao to offer you 18% off!!!

I know you’ve heard of Swagbucks and Ebates.  You probably use them.  But have you heard of  It’s even BETTER.  I have earned back literally a thousand PLUS dollars back.

Through the 18th, they will be having upsize cash back for Taobao and Lazada:  18% cashback.  That cannot be beat anywhere.

Taobao is in Chinese.  What you can do is search for it on Shopback and pull it up on Taobao.  Or find a Chinese friend.  Or lastly, go with Lazada.  I’ve bought from Lazada and it’s on the up and up.  If your search term doesnt pull up something, it means it’s not eligible for cashback.  (See above picture to see where to enter terms.)

You get $5  just for signing up and another $5 after you make your first purchase.

Sign up with my link and be on your way to a free $10:  Shopback

Top Ten Favorite Kids’ Books (you’ve never heard of number five)

(Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon.)

1.  Where are My Books?

 A little boy keeps losing his books.  You’ll never guess who has them.


2.  Seven Silly Eaters

Do you ever think you’re running a restaurant at meal times?  This poor mom…


3.  Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

You absolutely can’t go wrong with Mo Willems and the pigeon.  This pigeon!  He’s always looking for trouble.  Can your kids keep him from talking them into driving the bus?


4.  Usborne Shine a Light on The Human Body

There are several books in the series and seeing IS believing.  You read the page and shine a light through the back…pictures show through.  It’s quite fun and amazing for all ages. Our favorite is the body book.  My kids loved learning about how their bodies worked. My “dealer”:  Kayla’s Book Nook


5.  The Day the Babies Crawled Away

This book is so amazing.  If you have a soft hearted son who looks after little ones in a gentle way, you won’t be able to help but see him as the main character.  The words rhyme, the pictures are unique and the adventure is fun.  Perhaps my most favorite children’s book.


6.  Silly Milly

I wish like anything more of these books would be released.  As it stands there are two.  Two wonderfully, cute books about a silly teacher who does strange and funny things.  At the end you get to guess a riddle.


7.  Press Here

Interactive book (and it’s sequel) of wildly fun adventures within the book, for the reader.  Very engaging, even for adults.


8.  The Book with No Pictures

You know the guy from The Office, BJ Novax?  He’s a surprisingly good writer.  And it has no pictures.  He somehow pulls that off.


9.  Dr DeSoto

Get ready to be on the edge of your seat as a mouse treats a really big fox at his dental office.  What is going to happen?  We were worried the whole time.

10.  Father Christmas Needs a Wee

Poor Father Christmas has been eating and drinking all night long.  It’s a long flight back home.  Will he make it in time?  This book is best read with an English accent.  Be as silly as you can and your kids will be roaring!




Younique Liquid Foundation


It seems that all of the reviews I find online for Younique products are the people selling it.  Which makes sense.  Those people started selling them because they love them.

I thought I’d give Younique Liquid Foundation a try to see how it wears on mature skin.

It actually held up quite well.  I had a few problems but over all it works great.

Watch my video to hear the pros and cons and see pictures of how it wears throughout the day.

Briefly, here is the biggest con and my favorite pro:

Con:  Streaky and takes a long time to blend out.

Pro:  So easy to apply (except for taking a bit to blend.)

My skin looks flawless (except for one tiny part of my skin around my mouth).

This is #notanad.  I bought this product myself.

Watch the video at Mascara to Midnight.

Welcome to Mascara to Midnight blog

I’ve had a Youtube channel for a few months now.  It’s been so fun.  I thought I’d add in a blog for those who prefer to read about products.

I’ll be talking about all things beauty here:  skin care, makeup, hair, nails, even a little healthy eating/weight loss.

I’ll leave you with this latest review I did:  Chin Up Mask: Does it work?